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Permalink Other’s spend a lifetime looking for their soulmate, i met mine at the age of four. How’s that for a #throwbackthursday @bamparagas  (Taken with Instagram)
Beyoncé punching Jay-Z after he beats her in Video of the Year category at the BET Awards.
Permalink No one ever choked swallowing their #pride (Taken with Instagram)
Permalink Ha caught in the act! #kitty #kittycat  (Taken with Instagram)
Permalink Muir woods! Where they filmed planet of the apes! #redwoods #muirwoods (Taken with instagram)
Permalink My arms were shaking after but it felt good!  #rockclimbing #redrockclimbinggym (Taken with instagram)
Permalink Geared up, let’s go! #rockclimbing #rockclimbinggear #climbingshoes #harness (Taken with instagram)
Permalink Blast from the past. Once you achieved your goals, you do your best to stick to it or to improve more. That’s my motivation, not to be “skinny” coz i was not fat, i was “unhealthy”. I want to be fit, i want to be healthy, not to have a skinny-model body but o have an athletic-toned body. I know im almost there and I am more motivated than ever! #training  #throwbackthursday #throwback #gettingfit #losingweight #weightloss (Taken with instagram)